Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzles

Dec 21, 1913, apparently, is the first time a crossword puzzle appeared in print. It was created by a journalist, Arthur Wynne and published in the New York World. It was instantly popular and has grown exponentially over the last 100 years to the delight of enthusiast, such as, myself. I like all sorts of crossword puzzles, but I am particularly fond of cryptic crossword puzzles. I don't always finish them, but I could puzzle over them for hours.

Snow Bound Bounty :)
An article by John Allemang in the Globe and Mail today, gave a detailed history of the crossword puzzle and its benefits. It apparently works that part of the brain that is wired for survival!! AHA I have a weapon against all those people who think that I'm just goofing off. I can now say that I am drawing order from chaos and connecting with my primeval roots :)

In fact today I solved - the answer to - "It used to be cut back." - answer "was." From cut meaning to saw, reversed." I also liked the answer to "US citizen appearing periodically" - answer "New Yorker."

Now if I could only solve "Bounty is a big ship" (7 letters) and 18 others, I could get some work done!!

Have a great day!!

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