Thursday, December 12, 2013

Handshakes, Spoken & Electronic

My Fit Bit is pushing me that extra "bit." First you have to know that it's -11º C in Toronto, but I managed to do my 5,500 steps around the cemetery today, albeit bundled to the nines and virtually alone, except for a few stalwart souls, who were braving the cold or who had to get from A to B without benefit of a vehicle.

The walk was energizing and thoughtful. Even in the icy cold, we can have Zen moments. When I got back to the office I synced my info to my Iphone and realized that I had 1,200 steps approximately to do before I reached my 10,000 step goal for today. When I came home, I dusted, swept a bit, and made dinner etc. - all in the interest of adding a few more steps to my day, so I wouldn't have to go out again in the bitter cold of the evening.  I may not lose any weight, but the house will sure be clean. Alas at about 7:30, I still had 1,000 steps, or so, to go.

Fit bit sends you emails as well, at strategic moments. They, of course, had to send me one, right then, that said, "Well done. You're almost there, just a few more steps." OK, OK, already!! I hear you or at least read you - over and out - literally. I "tacked up" and went out to finish off those last few hundred steps. Actually I decided to pop back into the mail box, a card that we had received in error; this gave a little more purpose to the outing and it removed something else from the counter.

Gloved Tree
Although the evening was cold, it wasn't too windy and it was clear and crisp. I "unmailed" the letter - that is I sent it back to the sender and was about to turn the block, when I saw someone kneeling on the sidewalk with several grocery bags. I thought it might have been a person who had fallen or was in some sort of distress. I asked if they were OK. At first they didn't answer and I got really worried. Then the chap, who was really quite young looked up. I asked him again, if he were OK, or did he need help. He said, "Aren't you sweet. Thank you very much. I just over shopped and I was taking a break. I'm not that far from home."

It was a lovely encounter, with a perfect stranger, who was most cordial, when he finally came around. This would never have happened, if I hadn't decided that I needed to follow through with my walks. I am reaping the benefits of my planned activity in more ways than one.

I continued on around the block and when I was almost home, my Fit Bit decided to vibrate, noticeably. At first, I thought, that I was going to be electrocuted :) then I realized that, it was just acknowledging the fact that I had reached my goal!! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful evening!!

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