Thursday, December 05, 2013

Did you write your Hillary or Branson today?

I was tossing around an idea in my last post about the word "blog." I hated the sound of it because it was synonymous with very mundane terms such as, Fred Bloggs. I was hoping to find a more elevated name for the diaries or daily posts of millions of people. I suggested that the personality of the blogger might be at fault. We just aren't as exciting an Edmond Hillary or a Richard Branson.

Eureka! Wouldn't the advertising community just brand something, that was not that exciting, with a really exciting name!! Now, if that were the case, I could say something like, "I just posted to my Hillary today. Yes, I decided to use the smiley face rather than the north face and eschew the Sherpa."

Onward and upward!!

Or an on-line commentator might say, "There's a lot of hot air ballooning up in the Bransons today. The bubble is sure to burst soon." I'm not saying that you would be knighted for it, but it does elevate the ordinary. Simply by rebranding your posting title from blog to Hillary or Branson, you might even start to lead a more exciting life. Your daily slog might suddenly become an ascent or an out of this world marketing experience!!

Would we all suddenly start thinking "today's adventure" rather than "daily grind?" I see a new dawn, where every blogger has more confidence, more energy. They will not just record adventures, they will create them!! Tally Ho!!

Have an awesome day!!

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