Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cocktail Conversations....

...... We were invited to a few gatherings over the holidays. Not a lot, since both my husband and I are introverts, so extroverted "things" like parties, tend to be avoided. However, a neighbour and an old friend invited us to an open house last night. We knew that we could pop in for an hour or so and then leave, because it was an open house!!

Fortunately, I had just read two of my 80 or so books that I planned to read in the next few years, so I could talk about reading through the classics. Unfortunately the topic never came up, sigh!! I could introduce a few topics and have the conversation start in an area where I had some experience, this worked a few times. In fact it worked so well that I would like to share my list with the introverts of the world!! You too can shine with these "never fail" topics of conversation -

1. When all else fails, mention Monsanto!! It helps to have a list of their latest atrocities, but you probably won't need to, since many will have a few at their finger tips.

2. Substitute Nestle for Monsanto, especially, if no one is drinking water and all are drinking wine!!

3. Mention that you blog daily....There are a few who will be amazed and ask what you blog about - there you are - centre stage!!

4. Have a few interesting, but different holiday venues on hand. You may never go there, but pretend that you plan to go there and everyone will have an opinion!!

5. Housing prices always work, especially, if you know of someone who got a great deal, or never minded living in a tent, and couldn't we all just cash in and buy a VW van - life in retrograde!!

6. Fit Bit - Discuss how you are planning to live to 100. It works if everyone is 10 years younger and looking ahead - never works, if they are 10 years older and not very fit....cough, cough...

A Classic!!

7. Foreign take over, usually works, unless you are thinking of aliens and then you're on your own!!

8. Selfies, as in self publishing, your own business, inquire about their goals, their plans - and really try not to yawn, when they say "retire."

9. Suck the life out of anyone 10 years younger. It will set you up for your next party!!

10. Never mention Miley Cyrus.

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