Friday, December 13, 2013


I use Blogger for my posts. I am not always happy with their quirky twists and turns; but I am also not prepared to move seven years of blogs over to another platform. I can't believe that I have had this weblog since 2006. OK some years I just posted a few pieces, however, this year I am aiming for 365 and I'm somewhere around 340. You will hear a lot from me in the next two weeks, if I'm to meet that goal!!

Back to the actual platform. I haven't been too happy with Blogger lately because for some reason they are warring again with FB and I am unable to show pictures from my blog, when I do a status update in the few blogging groups that I'm in. Maybe they knew this, because a lot of us are affected and we have been grumbling in Google forums about it. Well, this morning I had a notice from Google on my blogger dashboard. I clicked it. Lo and behold the picture that I posted yesterday came up and it was twinkling. Here's the link:


It was a picture I took a few nights ago of a lighted tree (trunk) on a street near mine. I was amazed!! I think that its something called Google Glitz and I do love the sparkle!! Here's another, I wonder if they'll add the glitz to this too.

I guess that I'll have to check back tomorrow.

Please comment, if you know how I can make this twinkle.

Have a sparkling day!!

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