Saturday, December 28, 2013

Art for Art's Sake

What is it about a trip to an art gallery that makes everyone think that they are artists!! I am not against this fact I think that it is FABULOUS!! and I think that too many people discredit themselves, as artists. In fact, if we all didn't have to "work" to make a living, there would be so many awesome artists out there, that we would collectively create such an amazing society, where money would evaporate and manna, instead, would fall from heaven....just saying :)

I left the McMichael and on the drive home, the sun was setting. I noted that it was setting five minutes later than on December 21; this gave me great joy!! I also decided that, although we were driving through a very barren industrial area, the sun would make everything magical. And magical it was. Fortunately, I wasn't driving so I could snap a few moments in time. Here they are.

Alien Race Headquarters!!
People who live in the burbs are out of this world!!

Power to the people!!

More power to the people!!

Smoke and mirrors - there is beauty everywhere!!

Have an awesome day!!!

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