Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Wonderland...

In winter, very occasionally, we get some very pretty days here in the city. There are lots of pretty days in the country, where it seems to snow more and where the snow lies undisturbed for weeks. In the city, however, there are few vast expanses of snow. Roads must be cleared. People must get from here to there and so the snow is removed or packed down or salted to a grey slush. Alas, what might have been lovely is now just another dreary day!!

This morning, however, we have frosting on the trees. There is not a lot of snow, but what snow fell last night was mixed with an icy rain and the branches of the deciduous trees are like brittle white lace. When the sun shines on this, it is brilliant. I am waiting for the sun!!

Snow in the City
Here are some Apple trees in the back yard.

Cat Lawn Ornament Framed By Trees
The lawn ornaments are frozen into the ground. They'll have to wait until Spring now.

The wind is picking up and soon all of the frosting will be gone. Cameras are amazing gadgets!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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