Thursday, November 07, 2013

Windows and what we see....

I live in a two story house. Since neither my husband nor I like heights and since I didn't want to endanger the lives and limbs of my kids, we use a cleaning service, once or twice a year, to clean the windows. Yesterday their office called with a reasonable quote to clean the windows, cut back the ivy from the house and check to see that our new eaves troughs had screens to keep out the leaves. Well you would think that this was pretty much a straight forward job. Think again.

1. They arrived at 8:30 this morning. I was in shock. I expected them to come during the day, in a week or two. Now I needed to think and I rarely do that in my dressing gown :)

What's for lunch?

2. I realized that they couldn't clean one set of upper windows because we had screens on them and to remove the screens would require major surgery, so I will just have to live with the smudges on those windows for a while.

3. They cleaned the sliding door from the kitchen to the back deck, however, we noticed that the stubborn spots which would not come out were actually on the inside of one of the sheets of glass, sealed within the double glazed door. More spots to live with.

4. They actually attempted to clean the living room window, however, I hadn't mentioned this in the original quote because I knew there was a problem. You see, we have an old storm window on this particular piece of glass. Usually storms are not a concern. However our house is partially covered with ivy which had decided to grow between the storm window and the regular window. Given time it could easily have penetrated the house and well, what do you feed ivy for dinner - and breakfast or lunch for that matter :)

Marauding Ivy

5. Now I did get an earlier quote to have the vine clipped back from the upper windows and the eaves. Ivy and ravens tapping at my windows may be poetic, but it is also very eerie.

Fortunately the crew could delay another appointment and for a few extra dollars, I was able to get them to remove the storms, cut back the ivy and clean the inner window. I can now see the neighbours!!

What was that quote about "good windows make good neighbours" or was it, "clean windows make clean neighbours?" Just as well I work out of the home during the day, it keeps me away from the windows.

Have a wonderful day!!

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