Thursday, November 21, 2013

There is nothing wrong with boring.....

I thought that my husband must have brought in the wrong newspaper this morning, because it looked, well, normal. There were a few headlines about government spending and a side column about some new medical study, you know the usual stuff. What amazed me was there was nothing in the paper about the latest assault on our collective mores by that moron, Rob Ford, who was, until yesterday, considered our mayor.

Ever since council stripped him of his powers, we have had normal - plain old boring normal. It was wonderful. No more stomach churning angst. No more weeping and wailing. No more of the "in your face" hostilities, that make for a very unpleasant day - day after day.

Boring and predictable isn't all that bad!!
Really give me boring, as far as city governance is concerned any day. It controls the blood pressure, calms the heart rate, staves off depression and well ensures a good night's sleep. Yawn!!

Give me boring, also, in the areas of personal health. Just let the body tick away with no new lumps or bumps. No strange new symptoms here or there, that have to be attended to. Just give me no surprises and I will be happy. I have praised boredom lately, when people tell me that their life is so hum drum. "Nothing exciting every happens," they say. Although, there are ways to create a little excitement on a daily bases, we should also accept the fact that the status quo, isn't all that bad. There are worse things.

Have a very predictable day :)

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