Sunday, November 24, 2013

Morning isn't broken...

Some mornings are better than others. The best mornings are Saturday and Sunday, if you work Monday to Friday for someone else, or even yourself. Monday to Friday mornings require discipline, you have to get up and out by a certain time. You have an agenda. This must be done; that must be undone; you know, we have be "productive."

On weekend mornings, we know that we will have to be productive, too, but a little later. We have time, maybe an hour or so, to just "be." To maybe sit and do nothing, to dream, to muse, or not, as the case may be. Perhaps the brain just idles. Some people call this wasting time, others call it recharging!!

For me, it's my informal Yoga time. There is no strenuous stretching of the body, nor is there any strenuous stretching of the mind. It's a time when thoughts flow freely. Not the compulsive, must get organized thoughts, nor the grinding "how did this happen" thoughts. No the thoughts are more of observation, looking at the sky, the trees, the light and letting a memory or two slip by or a phrase, once said, be said again or a person, once known, visit again for a minute or two.

This morning it's -11ยบ C. The sky is clear - very bright and sunny. The smoke from the chimneys stretches out horizontally across the sky, like angels with billowing gowns and rushing wings. I am reminded of another day many years ago, when a very young child looked up at these clouds of soot and ash and said, "Look, Mom, angels."

God works in mysterious ways.

Have a heavenly day!!

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