Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Look For Circles Day

I am obviously running a bit behind these days. Last week I missed Tell A Story Day and this week I missed Look For Circles Day, Nov 2. The site Hollidayinsights.com listed it as an actual day to celebrate, so I didn't make it up!! Now I know that there are people who happen to see 11s every where. However, these are parallel lines, quite the opposite of circles. Maybe the people who don't happen to see 11s, see circles. I haven't actually noticed a lot of either shape. Now, I do run around in circles, often and there are people who could run rings around me, but I haven't really set out on a mission to find circles.

I did find a Loonie (1 dollar circular coin) the other day on the sidewalk, I wonder, if this counts. All Saints Day was November 1, so I don't think that people would still be out looking for halos or hallowed people two days in a row:) Of course, I am always watching out for cyclist riding on the sidewalk. I do take time to shout at them and tell them to use the road!! But I do this every day, not just once a year.

Now I can be seen looking for circles in the sky - the moon, the stars etc. I love being reminded that we are part of something really immense. Plus, when you think about it, we are on the Earth that is turning daily in a circle and orbiting the sun in an even greater circle, sort of. Lenses always seem to be circles and I have my camera with me most days, I use my eyes everyday, even if I'm not looking for circles.

I have a circle of friends, both on-line and off and if I do any knitting, I use a circular needle. I do love stories or events that come full circle, though this doesn't usually happen in just one day. We will have soup tonight in circular bowls and we will use spoons that are somewhat circular. Our baguette will be cut into rounds that will be more oval than a true circle, but I am not a perfectionist. I can deal with ovals and elliptical "things" and count them as coming pretty close to circles.

Without becoming too mathematical, I have probably exhausted my search for circles and anyway, I'm a few days late.

Please post any circles that you have found.

The picture? An Art installation for this year's Nuit Blanche.

Have a wonderful day.

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