Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eat Your Words :)

I found this link for 7 stay at home jobs on mashable.com

I sent the one about grant filer to my sister, who is looking for a way to supplement her pension, now that she has recently retired. My sister has three children, all half Inuit and eligible for government grants because they are still considered aboriginal. Filling out grant applications for her children and artist husband(s) has been almost a full time job for my sister, over the years. Also she worked as a supervisor at the multi-cultural centre in town, and often used her expertise, as a grant filer, to help new Canadians access funds, that were available to them. I see a new internet career for her, as grant filler-outer to the masses :)

I thought that the work from home article was very interesting. I know that a lot of people struggle to get their name out there, to snag gigs as web page designers, freelance writers etc. Still it is a starting point and some do very well in their particular niche.

Edible Greetings :)

I was especially intrigued by the mention of a freelance greeting card writer. Presumably you write the text part of the card and someone else provides the graphics. I always have trouble in card stores finding an appropriate greeting. They are either too soppy, not very funny or in some cases actually obscene. My sense of humour leans a little to "The Far Side" and I always enjoyed their cards, but they weren't for everyone or for every occasion. I also found myself giving the same card to the same person for the same reason at least twice. I think that it may be time to come up with some new greeting card ideas.

I do use blank cards and add my own inscription sometimes, but I also like it when I find a professional card that says it all. There was a collection of cards once which I liked a lot, because it used quotations from Shakespeare and other famous poets. However, I don't seem to see these around anymore. I guess there weren't enough poetry loving card senders out there.

Unfortunately we are moving into the card sending season. There is November 25, St Catherine's day. I have written about it before. It's a day when single women in the needle trade (sewing, millinery etc.) send cards to each other. There is also Christmas and maybe a few other carding events in between. I did send a card to my daughter on her birthday this month. I won't send her a card on St Catherine's Day, even if it is her patron saint. Anyway her father has just sent her an Advent calendar, which is more about a family tradition than anything religious. It's one of those calendars with a piece of chocolate for everyday from Dec 1 - 24.

Now I could do a card collection on candies, desserts and other confections - hmmmmm I think I could make a go of this.

The picture? Macarons at Thibor's - cards you can eat :)

Have a sweet day!

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