Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cupboards and Bras...

I must stop this cleaning frenzy I'm in. I swear that as soon as the bucket and cleaning rags come out, the writing muse makes a bee-line for the back door and leaves until the dust settles or is mopped up or something. I did it again yesterday. I decided that the fuzz on the edges of the upper cupboards was "growing." You know, like chin fuzz grows into strands of hair that become beards, the spider webs and sticky residue on the cupboards closest to the ceiling were trapping anything in their path and turning my kitchen into a museum of medieval gargoyles.

OK a little exaggerated perhaps, but you get the idea :) Alas, somehow I know that I will never be a famous "anything" unless it's a cleaning lady and even then maybe not. It seems that people who have become famous - writers, artists etc. can live in any sort of chaos and people excuse them, or even applaud their grunge, calling it the creative medium in which they work. If you're not famous, however, the grime in which you live, while trying to become famous, is considered filth!!

Fountain of Youth?

Still I did enjoy some fringy "things" in my cleaning burst yesterday. I got to stand on the counters and practise keeping my balance while clinging to the cupboard wall. There is something very exhilarating about knowing that you are still agile enough do to this and not becoming so giddy, at your ability, that you pass out and end it all.

Add to this "high" the fact that my youngest was reading aloud from his computer a list of inventions created by women. He particularly enjoyed the invention of the brassiere. Apparently one of the reasons it was created was to conserve metal during WW I. Corsets, I guess, were heavy metal users :) I had to laugh, though, at his pronunciation of the word. It sounded more like brazier.

Finally he switched to one of his favourite singers, Frank Sinatra. There I was standing on the kitchen counter scrubbing the cupboards to the tune of I've Got the World on a String, while enjoying the company of my 20-year-old - very surreal!!

Just two more posts and I'm caught up!!

The picture - my youngest last summer.

Have a great day!!

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