Friday, October 18, 2013

Wither the Wilbury's...?

My daughter sent us a text last night asking if we had heard of the Wilbury's or more correctly "The Travelling Wilbury's." I hadn't and I couldn't believe that hadn't given that one of the band members was Bob Dylan, a favourite. The other members included:

George Harrison - I liked the Beatles, but didn't actually follow them, as I preferred Folk music.
Jeff Lynn & Tom Petty - I guess you had to be really famous to be a household word and these weren't for me.
Roy Orbison - I knew, but never really cared for his music. My husband calls it music to commit suicide by.

Don't Monkey with the Moose :)

These performers came together in the late 80s and early 90s to cut and promote two albums. My daughter insisted we listen to them on YouTube, which we did. They do have a distinct sound, very Bob Dylan-ish. I guess this is a case of everything old is new again. She thinks they're fabulous!!.

Sadly two members of the band have died, George Harrison and Roy Orbison. Bob Dylan is still around. A year or so ago I even bought a CD of Dylan singing Christmas Carols - not a good choice. I think his voice has gone, unlike Leonard Cohen, who is older and maybe never had a voice to start with :) Of course there is always Pete Seeger, who is well over 90 and still performing.

Perhaps when your voice goes, you should move on to reciting poetry, as Pete would call it "talkin' blues." Dylan would be very good at this. I must admit I liked the Wilbury's and they might have been a little ahead of their time. One of their songs was Tweeter and the Monkey. Sorry I can't embed it.

The picture? I didn't have a picture of a monkey. We substitute moose a lot here in Canada :)

Have an awesome day!!

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