Friday, October 25, 2013


Five Minute Friday's word for 5 minutes of writing today is "together." So here goes -

There are days when I don't feel that together. You know, you are in one place, but your mind is miles away. Maybe it's in the past re-visiting a moment there or maybe it's in the future, realizing an idea that you may have had. It's then very weird to come back to the moment and feel the concrete sidewalk under foot, if you are out for a walk, or sip the tea, that has now gone cold in the cup, because you paused to leave mentally and have just now returned.

Me coming back from somewhere.

I don't mind the bits and pieces of me scattered over history or flung into the future on a whim. Sometimes it's a tad closeting to be altogether, all the time. Being loose and a bit fragmented is liberating. It gives me energy, ideas and creative momentum. It's just a little difficult for the organized world to accept. People expect you to have your head on your shoulders and not in the clouds. They want you to have your feet on the ground, not in the air, dancing and to have your arms and hands, busy and productive, not speaking, through secret signals, to someone in another world.

Please join me on Five Minute Friday. Post here or in the group. I'd love to read your take on the topic.

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