Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Nuit Blanche Huit

Last Saturday was Toronto's 8th Nuit Blanche, an amazing all night Art event. From 7:00pm to 7:00am huge crowds fill the downtown areas of the city to view an incredible array of art installations. My husband and I have gone out every year, rain or shine. This time, the weather was almost balmy, with just a hint of rain. The crowds were huge. People of all ages and all abilities mingle in what might be one of the biggest Art parties in town.

I love it, because it puts Toronto right up there with other cities that host a Nuit Blanche, such as Paris!! For me, the art is the people, watching them interact with each other, the Art and the night!!

Origami Royalty
An obvious highlight of the night was a booth that let you create an origami crown. It seems as though everyone was wearing one. This was no small feat given that the line up to the booth had to be an hour long.

An other highlight was Ai Weiwei's bicycle installation. It was stunning. He really is a crowd pleaser, so sad about his political situation.

Ai Weiwei's bicycles

There were also the accidental exhibits. We always note where the better washrooms are for the event and plan our pit stops accordingly. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has some of the cleanest and you always pass an exhibit or two, that is not necessarily part of the script, for Nuit Blanche. On our way to and from the WCs, we passed this amazing display of model ships. Many were submitted by the design firms that built them or hobbyists that do meticulous work to scale. There had to be 20 or 30 on display. If you like miniatures, or ships, you will be amazed!!

It is always an electrifying night for me!!

The picture? - The CN Tower - shaken not stirred :)

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. WOW what an awesome event, Carol! Great night to be out, I'm sure!

  2. Hello fellow Canadian blogger. :) I'm visiting from UBC. Can't get over that bicycle installation. Wow. Now I have to figure out how to get to TO to see it for myself. :) Hope you have a lovely rest of the week Carol.