Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House of the Living Dead ???

OK it is a little dramatic, but I am always amazed by the time and effort that some people put into celebrating Hallowe'en. The most avid start early, some as early as the end of September. Although there are pumpkins available in the stores before October, it's really too early to put them out, because the squirrels and raccoons will eat them. Also I have had a few just rot, if they have been carved and displayed too soon.

Haunted House?

However, this doesn't stop people from decorating the front of their houses with ghosts, spiders, skulls, you name it, the scarier the better. I always felt virtuous because I actually put out three carved pumpkins and hung around from 6:00 to 9:00pm on October 31 to hand out candies to Trick or Treaters. I know that some neighbours, after their kids had grown, just turned out the lights that night and went out for dinner.

Ghosts in the trees!!

No, I love the community involvement and I actually really enjoy the effort that some put in to create these dramatic effects. Often the house decorators get dressed up themselves, adding to the fun of shelling out!! I also love seeing the parents, who accompany their children from house to house, dressed up as well. When I took my kids around, I didn't get into costume, preferring to hang back in the shadows, however, I did spent months working on their outfits.

It seems like a lot of effort for one night, maybe this is why many start early!!

Have a great day!!

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