Friday, October 04, 2013

Home on the Range....

I wasn't aware that there was some secret date upon which the cosmos decrees that your life should fall apart, or at least the pieces that make your life enjoyable such as:

1. Showers - Some time in late August our bathroom shower decided to fall apart - tiles fell off the wall, shower heads (well, one anyway) rusted and shower walls leaked!! I'm sorry, I know that I have complained about this before.

2. Computers - In early September, my husband's computer decided to call it quits. Gone were those quick searches on the internet to answer the question, "Can we afford to go to Bali at Christmas?" We knew that answer was, "no" all along, however, we could still drool over the pictures. Not without a computer

Raw Food
3. TV - Last week, for some reason our cable access wasn't working. We got a new box and it still didn't work. We got another box and another. Finally we called in a technician. Well, we just had to watch the Blue Jays lose again in their final game of the season!!

4. Food - Yesterday, the oven in our stove died. It is, at times like these, that you realize how often the kids eat frozen pizza. Young adults going through pepperoni withdrawal is not nice!!

Just a short post today - must run out and buy a new range!!!

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