Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Death By Soap Dish II

The other day I posted about my "problem" finding an inexpensive soap dish for our new shower wall. I finally caved in and decided to drive out to this store that was listed as having the only $5.00 soap dish in the world, that one could screw into a shower wall. It was miles away and was actually a hybrid of a plumbing supply place, that sold directly to plumbers and a retail show room. It was in a word, chaotic!

I couldn't locate the item that I wanted without asking for help, however, I did meet a very lovely woman, who obviously had had a very refined upbringing, because she was having a lot of difficulty dealing with the all-male conversations among the various plumbers on either side of the sales counter. Whenever anyone mentioned mistresses or worse, she shivered a little and made this odd whimpering noise.

Not A Soap Dish

At one point, her good taste told her to pretend that she hadn't heard the offending words. She tried to ignore them, by turning her back to the counter and engaging me in conversation about the lovely trees outside. Of course, we were then facing the door and at that very moment, didn't a very macho looking workman lumber through the door in a scruffy T-shirt which stated, very clearly, in one word, his take on the world, F**K.

I thought that she was going to pass out at this point. Anyway, as I turned back to the counter, my number was called and I asked about the soap dish, which, it turns out, had to be ordered, even though he had said that it was in!! At this point, I nearly passed out from aggravation. I left, leaving the very refined woman to manage on her own and wondering what level of society manages to escape the language of the street. Maybe those who never have to walk in it :)

The photo?  It's a dish in the shape of a slice of bitter lemon. A comment perhaps on the day :)

Have a great day!!

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