Sunday, October 13, 2013


The other day I posted that I needed to connect to a few more twitter platforms. I like, but don't need, the app by which my plants can remind me to water them. I just have to take one look at their drooping leaves. This is not rocket science!!

No, the connection that I really want is Artwiculate. This program sends you a word a day and you have to use it in your 140 characters or less, then tweet the composition. The most retweeted one wins, or something like that! I use a few "word-a-day" sites, mainly for blog ideas. In most cases, I know and have used the word that I am given, such as today's word from, doleful, yesterday's was bromide and the day before, labyrinth - one of my favourites.

Well this is not the case with Artwiculate. Today's word is incommensurable - unable to be measured, irrational. I have never used this word before. In fact here are some of the words offered recently by Artwiculate. How many have you used lately :)

1. Simian - relating to, resembling or affecting apes or monkeys. Hmmm, does that mean us? My tweet: His lips curled back, when he laughed. It was another of his simian traits.

2. Gainsay - speak against or oppose someone. I have seen this one before, but never really understood its meaning and I am not really comfortable using it in a sentence. Maybe some words are just like that.

3. Animus - hostility or ill-feeling. I prefer using animosity. However, if you needed to make something rhyme, this would be a good choice. It rhymes with thus, plus, us etc.

4. Cerebrate - use the mind. Good when you want to show someone that you are really, really thinking. We like to celebrate when he cerebrates!!

Socks at Midnight

5. Macaronic - this could be easily confused with macaroni, marconi, moronic and a host of others. It actually means mixing two languages together. For example, combining French and English in a sentence or Latin and English. As in: Carpe the day, n'est pas, ciao .....Oh, and Italian :)

6. Arcanum - a deep secret, a mystery. With the word "crypt", we entered the arcanum of his mind.

7. Frigorific - chilling. It must come from the latin, fridge. :)

8. Reboant - resounding or reverberating. The orator's reboant words, echoed through the hall.

9. Renitent - recalcitrant. I always find it amusing when someone either answers a question, with a question or defines a word, with another that also needs defining :) The definition of both is - resistant to pressure.

10. Transpicuous - clearly seen through or understood. I think that I prefer transparent, but I can see how the word could be used to enhance a feeling of mystery.

The picture? An art installation at Nuit Blanche sponsored by the MacGregor sock company. It's meaning was not immediately transpicuous :)

Have a clearly wonderful day!!

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  1. It's fun to pick a word at random in a dictionary to get ideas for a photo shoot. The words that this Artwiculate thing picks seem a bit too weird for that purpose. :-D