Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who Put the Arch in Archangel?

It must be the change of seasons, but there has been little out there to inspire me. Maybe I should rephrase this. There is a lot of inspiration out there, but I have not been tweaked by much of it. The brain seems strangely dull. That is, until I keyed the word "inspiration" into my title bar and brought up the site, OK, I don't usually write about topics that might be considered "religious" in nature. I keep my beliefs to myself and respect that in others. However, I brake for Angels!!

In fact I think that I should have a bumper sticker that announces this to the world. I once saw a sticker on a car that read. "I brake for unicorns." I wanted it!! On the belief net site, there was a link to a post, with the title "Get to know your Archangels." Given that I knew the names of only one or two of this higher species, I thought that I might enrich myself today and find out about few more. So while you are waiting for unicorns, you might like to see what other mythical creatures are out there to invoke, should you feel so inclined :)

1. First there is Archangel Chamuel - here's his description from the site:

Meaning of Name: He who sees [seeks] God.
Message to the Contemporary World: To make peace with your self is to make peace with the world.
Patron Angel Of: Horticulturists, hunters (non-recreational), outdoor survivalists, physical fitness trainers, forest rangers, gardeners, farmers, chefs and cooks, naturalists, environmentalists, philanthropists, emergency aid workers.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: When you are facing challenges in staying true to yourself and your cause. 

I am amazed that there is a heavenly being that is a patron of non-recreational hunters, what can I say? I am very glad that, as a gardener, I can speak to someone about the fungus, which destroyed my Impatience this year. This being might also be able to introduce me to a philanthropist or two.

2. Next there is Rafael - not just a ninja turtle or Renaissance painter - he is also an archangel!

Meaning of Name: God heals
Message to the Contemporary World: Heal thyself.
Patron Angel Of: Astronomers, doctors, healers, nurses, travelers, herbalists, intuitives (clairaudients, clairsentients, clairvoyants, claircognants, medical intuitives), light workers (reiki, acupuncture, yoga instructors, massage, kinesiology, chiropractics, etc.), therapists (all types), shamans, and medicine women.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: When healing or a significant transition is afoot.
He is patron of a pretty eclectic bunch. Most represent branches of healing, however, they are a very divergent group. I am surprised that astronomers are included. Obviously there are messages in the heavens that need to be explained and who better than a star gazer.
3. Iophiel is a name I have never heard, so obviously, I would not have known that he was an archangel.
Meaning of Name: Beauty of God
Message to the Contemporary World: The illusion of beauty is pain.
Patron Angel Of: Painters, sculptors, masons, architects, visionaries, gardeners, artists in general, art historians, art teachers, photographers, fashion designers and models, interior decorators, wedding planners, film directors and production crews, community beautification groups, art museums curators and benefactors, philanthropists, secrets.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: When you need to slow down and make rest, respite, and recreation integral parts of the healing process, whether this is healing of the body, mind, or soul.
I think that I have to get to know this interceder better. He is a patron of all the things I love!! I also notice that he includes in his office, gardeners. Well if Chamuel doesn't have the answer to my dyeing Impatience, maybe Iophiel will :)

4. Everyone knows of Michael, the archangel. He saved us from Lucifer and opened up a whole new world!!
Meaning of Name: Who is as God
Message to the Contemporary World: Learn to laugh and approach life with childlike zeal.
Patron Angel Of: Police, firefighters, soldiers, protectors of truth and justice, surfer dudes and dudettes, dancers, car racers, wrestlers, body builders, football players, basketball players, sun and beach worshippers, sports.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: When the environment in which you live is about to drastically change, whether due to a new residence, a new job/career, or a change in family/friend dynamics.
Should Michael ever have a party, I don't think that I would be invited. I just wouldn't have the muscle, the legs or the outfit to "fit in." Yes I know we all have to be included, but surfer dudes and dudettes??? Heavenly choirs, Batman, what is that noise :)
5. Uriel is another Angel of the Arch - type that I have never met. I will be just so erudite at that next cocktail party, to which I am never going to be invited, with or because of, this arsenal of information I am gathering!!
Meaning of Name: Fire of God
Message to the Contemporary World: Is the End here yet?
Patron Angel Of: Judges, lawmakers, peacemakers, seekers of truth, upholders of justice, prophets, visionaries.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: I have rarely seen Uriel in consultations. In ten years, I can probably count on one hand my encounters with him, and those encounters were deeply serious in nature, usually involving someone’s path as a scholar or prophet.
The last lines of the description probably explain, why I have never heard of, much less even met, Uriel. He resides over headier realms, well beyond my ken.
6. Another unknown unearthed - probably not the best word - Cassiel:
Meaning of Name: Speed of God
Message to the Contemporary World: The rules have not changed. “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” (Matthew 7:2)
Patron Angel Of: The oppressed, the down-trodden, the impoverished, the enslaved, the unjustly persecuted, orphan children.
Usually Arrives in Your Life: When you are at your darkest hour, feeling abandoned by all that you held dear. When your heart is heaviest and overflowing with tears, Cassiel appears to help shoulder the burdens of your woes and keep feelings of hopelessness at bay.
I may have met Cassiel, today. Indeed, I missed a post yesterday and didn't have a hope in Hades today of producing much, when I was directed to the aforementioned site by a feathered hand.
I will post about the other six tomorrow.
Have a heavenly day!!

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  1. You now have a plethora of archangels to call upon...