Sunday, September 29, 2013


I haven't posted in a a few days because my husband and I went away for the weekend. Since we weren't going to have a functioning bathroom until Monday, we decided that we had to make other plans.

This all began last January, well before the tiles started to fall off the wall in the bathroom shower. We happen to collect air miles at the local grocery store and cash them in on holidays. Well, since a lot of people rarely cashed in their points, the supermarket chain was having to set aside a huge portion of revenue, while waiting for these people to take a vacation. This fact was screwing up their accounting so much so that they made everyone cash in their points, within the year or lose them.

We cashed ours in, in January, for a weekend at a resort in Muskoka, Deerhurst. It's about two hours north of Toronto. Time passed and we were never either in the mood or had the time, to actually book this "free" weekend. Enter the bathroom gremlin who decided that we needed both a holiday and a new bathroom. Hence, forced by circumstances, we are up here enjoying the magnificent Fall colours of an area very close to Algonguin Park. Here are a few pictures

The sugar maples are a brilliant scarlet - absolutely stunning.

The lakes are still and embellished with gold leaf, literally.

Muskoka chairs from my kayak.

The view from the chairs.

I'll have more photos next post. Sadly we are going home today!

Have a colourful day!!

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