Thursday, September 12, 2013

Foodie Doo Two

Yesterday, I posted about some of the insane gifts that you could buy for the crazy foodie on your list from the Mental Floss website. However, I didn't realize that there was a "page two." So in case you weren't swept over the edge with yesterday's selection, here are a few more.

I decided that I had to have the bacon gift wrap - "Everything is better, wrapped in bacon." Definitely better than the image of bacon as the duct tape of food. Just to clarify, it's duct tape not duck tape. There is no confit of duct here.

Real Ducks

I loved the set of four labyrinth coasters. Can you just imagine a gathering where everyone has a beer in one hand and a plastic labyrinth in the other and all the guests are trying to get the little silver ball through the maze without spilling a drop :) Probably better than a party where everyone is on their I-Phones.

Gift Ducks

There are also Pi coasters that are square - go figure and an ice cube tray that makes ice in the shape of mathematical symbols. Second only to the maze party, would be the event where all the guests are studying the ice in their glasses trying to solve the math puzzle that's floating around in there.

Also from page one, yesterday, I failed to mention a Star Wars Cookbook, several trivia games based on food and a mug covered in famous moustaches!!

Have a great day!!


  1. It amazes me the specialty items that get produced. A lot must go into development and production and are there really that many people buying them? Most people I know are just struggling trying to buy gas.

  2. Oh how I love Mental Floss! You really could have a fascinating party with all those items... so fun!

  3. Those ice cube trays will be in my freezer shortly. And, of course Pi is nearly square- it does have three sides already :-)

  4. Bacon as duct tape? Got my attention. I am amazed at the kinds of things people think up. Good thing there are people who want to use them to enliven an iPhone party. Cool article.

  5. Do they have an elephant? I have always wanted one...