Thursday, September 05, 2013

10 Reasons To Love Carrots

Since so many popular blogs organize their posts with a number and a list, as in "10 ways to pretend that Monday doesn't exist." I decided to try a post or two using the same format. I'll let you know, if it generates more hits. So here is - 10 Reasons To Love Carrots.

1. Carrots produce carrot seeds which are used in the making of perfume. Hands up if you knew that; I didn't. According to the site Fragrantia, carrot seeds lend a....

....rooty, iris-like note with earthy, raw potato/turnip and woody facets, used to provide an earth note to otherwise airy compositions.

I think its a nose "thing." Anyway the following perfumes and colognes use carrot seeds in their distinctive scents - Dirty English for Men from Juicy Couture, A Touch of Pink from Lacoste, plus 22 others.....and you thought that carrots just improved your eye-sight :)

2. Carrots provide a reason to travel. There is a Carrot Museum in Britain. Though where in Britain, I'm not sure; because after spending several minutes on the site, I couldn't find a location. However I did find a few more reasons to love carrots. Hint: this may be an on-line venue, so maybe it's just an imaginary trip.....dream on!!

3. Carrots make great musical instruments. Although they are mainly carved into horns and Flutenvegs, you will be totally amazed, at what one can do with a carrot - as a musical instrument. Just click on the link.

4. Carrots are the inspiration for some great toys. OK, the toys are plastic, but there are baseball bats, golf clubs, etc. in the shape of carrots. Presumably these are toys for vegetarians.

5. Carrots and carrot seeds have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. The site lists 10 benefits of these crunchy power foods, including - the prevention of Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke. This is serious stuff.

6. Facts about carrots make terrific trivia quizzes. For example, did you know that there is a carrot pie flavoured jelly bean? Neither did I. In fact, I have never even heard of carrot pie - carrot cake, yes - pie, no :)

7. Carrot seeds are produced from the beautiful flower known as Queen Anne's Lace. So you can enjoy a profusion of delicate white flowers while waiting for your seeds to ripen.

8. Not only do carrots and their seeds make tasty additions to soups, stews and baked goods, they can also be eaten raw. I was once told that raw carrots have negative calories. That is, you burn more calories by eating a carrot, than you add to your body. So in effect you could actually lose weight simply by eating carrots.....just remember everything in moderation. People have been known to turn a little orange from too much beta-carotene :)

9. The orange in carrots is a very popular colour these days, helped along by a book and a TV series - Orange Is The New Black.

10. Carrots have a risqué side - Adult carrot humour.

Orange you glad I wrote this post :)

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Orange is the New Black is on my reading list! And I had carrots in my minnestrone soup last night. I had no idea about Queen Anne's lace.

  2. Ok I'm confused. Carrot seeds come from Queen Anne's Lace but when you plant them you get carrots? So how do you get QAL if the seeds turn into carrots?


    Well now I want a list of 10 things that perfume come from that one wouldn't expect. (oh I'm not doing it - just thought I'd throw that out there as a challenge) :)

  3. I sure didn't know that carrots were used in perfumes. That was only one of your items. Musical instruments, loosing weight by chewing carrots is one I know about. I quit eating them for a long time because they wouldn't swallow (as I put it when I was a kid). Neither did celery (which I still won't eat).

    Great list.

  4. Well I had to check where the carrot museum was.... you are right it is online. However, did you know that carrots come in a range of colours from purple to yellow and white as well as orange. I believe, though it may be apocryphyl (sp?) that it was William of Orange who promoted the orange carrot we are used to today.

  5. Carolina Heart Strings, Queen Anne's Lace is one of the many plants in the carrot family. It also includes Dropwort Water Hemlock which is one of the most poisonous plants on the planet :)

  6. Thank you Gillie, I had forgotten about the Heritage carrots & their colours.

  7. I realize that I was taking liberties with Queen Anne's Lace. It is actually a wild carrot.

  8. I think I did not know at least half of the things on your list. I loved the adult carrot humor! Thanks for enlightening me in all things carrot!

  9. In France, we say that carrots make the bum cheeks pinker and hence sexier. Just saying!