Saturday, August 10, 2013


Sometimes, when I need an idea, I key a word into my title bar to see what google produces. A while ago, I keyed in the word "today" and a few interesting topics surfaced. Today I keyed in the word "something." Well, this website called "The Something Store" came up. The idea is that you send them $10.00 and they send you a mystery box.

Maybe it's a way of keeping the money circulating, you know helping the economy, but really to buy something that you don't need and maybe in the end don't want or can't even use is a little sad. Now they have shipped 131,771 items since 2006. So that would be 20,272 items per year or $202,720.00 gross per year. Hmmmm I wonder if I could de-clutter my house this way?

can opener

Some of the things that have been shipped are listed on the site. They include:

An Amazon Kindle - yes I could use one.
An RC Excalibur Chopper - not sure what I would do with this.
A fedora hat - well they are in fashion - but how do they get the size right?
A harmonica - hmmmm - exactly :)
A kite - as in go fly one
A set of finger drums - a table top won't do?

I don't think that I will take my chances and send them my hard earned $10.00. I guess that it's a type of gambling and sad to say that people need this type of amusement in their lives. However, it might be the answer to all those silly parties where you have to bring a mystery gift which will be given out randomly.

Now, I could use a good can opener. What are the chances that this would come in a Something Surprise Box??

Have a great day!!


  1. Well, that's pretty different, and clever, since they seem to have done pretty well. It might be better than buying 10 lottery tickets since you are guaranteed to get SOMETHING from the Something Store.

  2. This is very cool. Wonder what all the less than $10 items get sent in order to make it profitable for the company? That is a nice looking can opener! I'd pay $10 for that! or a Kindle! (which I would prob never use,lol)

  3. ..the can opener might cost $10!

  4. From nothing- to something! Now, there's great progress!

  5. I think I would like it, getting a surprise in the mail. I think I will look them up. Who ever comes up with these ideas?

  6. It is a poetic idea using 21st century technology. What's not to like?

  7. Cute idea. At least you know that you don't know what you will get. Not so funny is what happened to a colleague of mine. She thought that she was buying a Canon camera (not a cheap one, at that) but when the parcel arrived, it was full of diet products. Awful!