Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Psychic Phenomenon

Lately I've been divining posts a lot. That is, I have been looking more and more at the links to other posts that I see at the bottom of the page. It happened again today. I don't even remember the original post, but I was fascinated by a link to "6 Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well." OK, I know that I wouldn't be an ice cream taster or a sommelier, I just don't have enough taste buds for either job. I also wouldn't be an oil and gas diver, an airplane repossessor or an ethical hacker - isn't that a contradiction in terms?

However, I thought that maybe I could be a psychic - really how difficult would that be and it pays an average of $41,000.00 a year according to Forbes magazine. Now, I would have to invest in a crystal ball, learn to read Tarot Cards and study palmistry, as well as trying to read people's minds - couldn't be that difficult :)

I remember years ago playing Ouija and being fascinated by the kinetic power of the triangle. We asked someone in the room to give us a question to answer. A person in the corner said, "Tell me were my brother is?" The Ouija spelled out Maracaibo. It was right, because she actually knew where her brother was and no one else did. I really should have kept a diary of the names it spelled out for questions such as, who will I marry? Because invariably it would spell out a name totally unrelated to the person you were dating then and by the time you actually married someone, you had forgotten the name the ouija had spelled out - it may have been right.

Psychic Cat

I have gone to a psychic only once and I was terrified. I was so worried I would be given bad news. I had actually gone with a group of three friends to a person recommended by one of them. The cost, about 30 years ago, was $5.00. We went to the psychic's apartment which was out in the suburbs. It was a very tidy place and the psychic, a woman, was very neatly dressed and looked quite average - not the strange sort of veiled witch that one sees in the movies.

Anyway, when it was my turn, she did note that she knew that I was anxious and that she wasn't going to get a very good reading, however, she recited a series of numbers and after each recitation, she made a prediction. The only one that I remember was that I was going to adopt a son and his name would be John. A year later we did just that. My son's name at birth was John, we changed it to Alexander.

I don't know how good I would be, though, when I don't even know myself, what I'm going to have for dinner on any given night. Hmmm. Wikipedia gives some fascinating examples of the use of the Ouija board by notable authors and media celebrities. There is even a site that explains how you can be a psychic in 10 easy lessons. It's on the host site

Please post any Psychic Phenomena that you know of. It is still an area of fascination!!

Have a predictable day!!


  1. I'm a little bit scared of a ouiji board but wouldn't mind a go. As for having predictions read no thanks. Am afraid that those predictions will be little nagging memories in my subconscious having an effect on my decisions.

  2. On a day out at the beach in my teens I went to see a Gypsy fortune teller. I was beyond sceptic, I went for a laugh. She told me I would be married twice, have three daughters and would not live or do what I expected. I am divorced, I have three daughters, I intended to be an actress and after a foray into both acting and other totally unconnected careers I was a SAHM and then writer. I expected to spend my entire life in London and the SE. I moved to Glasgow and now live in Durham.

    Many years later, after my divorce I went with a friend to see a woman who read crystal balls. I can't remember what she said. I also paid quite a lot of money to have my astrological chart read, I can't remember that either. In both those cases I wanted confirmation that my life would change and rather than living in the moment I was desperate to know what was around the corner because I wasn't happy with the present. I think this is why many people seek out fortune tellers and the like.

    When I went with no expectation as a teenager I not only remembered what she said but it came true. Perhaps there is much to do with the frame of mind we are in when we approach predictions of our future.