Friday, August 02, 2013

On the airing of laundry....

Now that's airing not erring. Every morning I am reminded of Italy and other countries that hang their laundry from lines below their windows.

Roman Laundry
My son has decided to hang his jeans and sometimes the "odd" T-shirt from a bar that we had put across the doorway to his room. It's not what you think. We fortunately did not have to "bar" him in. He was doing an on-line exercise routine and needed something for chin-ups. He bought the bar and we agreed to install it in the doorway. If anything, it was a conversation piece.

A chin-up bar gives a leg-up

Now, however, it's a clothesline. No he doesn't hand wash his clothes and hang them to dry, so I'm not sure what they are doing there. He has a closet and does keep his room quite clean - unlike his sister. The next time I see him (ships passing in the night) and remember to ask about it, I will.

In the meantime, it will be a little bit of Europe in a corner of the upstairs. I should be so lucky!! Now what is that saying about clean laundry making good neighbours...or was that dirty laundry and maybe we shouldn't involve the neighbours :)

It does, though, give a whole new meaning to the term "hanging out."

Have an airy day :)


  1. When I lived with my mother in law for 4 years, I learned to hang out clothes. I didn't like the way the towels were so stiff, but I loved the way the sheets smelled as I took them in from the line. I can still see her putting multiple clothes pins in her hand and making them work. I miss that smell, but not the work.

  2. Well, I am guilty as charged. I used to let my laundry dry outside in France. Now I couldn't live without my tumble dryer...

  3. ...Airing - always a difficult juggling act..

  4. Haha, my son and daughter keep their room differently also. My Sweetie uses his bathroom towel rail to hang clothes. Not sure why. Just one of the reasons I avoid going in there :(