Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Exactly Fast Food...

Another FB post from Mental Floss made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. It's a post about animals that are illegal on planes, however, some people just don't get it.

First there was the fellow who tried to take his pet turtle on a plane by hiding it in a hamburger bun. Slow food at its best or maybe at its worst. I have to feel sorry for the turtle.

Another hummer was the Dutch fellow who tried to smuggled a dozen live hummingbirds sewn into the seams of his pants. Can you imagine sitting beside anyone like this on a plane? Again, I  have to feel sorry for the birds.

Fortunately, the person who tried to smuggle 206 pounds of caterpillars (dried) on board, did not try to disguise them as hot dogs. 
Fast Food

Being sloshed took on a whole different meaning, when the authorities confiscated $31,000.00 worth of tropical fish that where concealed in 15 plastic bags under a woman's skirt. It was the sloshing sound of the water, when she walked that tipped them off - gotta give her credit for inventiveness :) If you remember when crinolines were popular - just think of what you could conceal in those nets!!

When is a brooch a beast - when it is being smuggled. A chameleon was almost smuggled as a hair clip until it flicked its tongue - more points for inventiveness or stupidity - hmmm.

Finally in the slow animal category there was the passenger who tried to smuggle 4 rare birds and 50 rare orchids in his suitcases. They also found a pair of slow lorises in his underwear.  These animals are actually quite venomous - more points for stupidity.

Have an exciting day!!

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