Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lists, fun lists...

I've said before, I love lists. Well, Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits posted to my FB wall the site It's a place where you can compare what you have done, read etc. with their lists. The main headings are Movies, Books, Food and Other - this just about covers it!

For example they have a list of

1. 83 desserts to try before you die. Some of these are - Angel Food Cake, Bananas Foster, Cocoa Cola Cake, and Scotcheroos. Many I haven't tried; I guess I had better get started!!

2.  50 best children's books. I missed reading a few to my kids, but not many. My favourite was Good Night Moon.

3. 40 top soda flavours. OK I have never had Mr. Pibb and Mellow Yellow.

4. 36 Mexican and Tex-Mex Dishes. Definitely a reason to serve more than just tacos every Wednesday :)

5. 46 vegetables sounded like a no-brainer, until I realized that I had never had Broccoli Rabe, but I have eaten all the rest.

Artichokes on the vegetable list

6. a Foodie list of 100 dishes proved that there were a few here that I had never had and some I had never even heard of, such as, Arepas. How about you?

7. The top 100 toys of all time was fun. I have maybe played or played with 50 of them - deprived childhood.

8. 100 popular candies was a bust. I really don't have a sweet tooth. Now I liked the beer list and the must try cocktails :)

9. 100 Greatest Musicals was wonderful. I have seen a lot of them and many of them live on stage with one or two in NY, one in Chicago and a few more in London.

10. There was even a list of Shakespearean Plays - my favourite will always be Macbeth.

I'd love to read your comments on these lists!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Oh dear that's me out of action for the evening then! We still have Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny. Love them both.