Saturday, July 06, 2013

You know you are weird when....... have several of these books in your own personal library - 12 More Weird Books That Really Exist. I guess I can't resist a list, so when Mental Floss posted this list to my FB wall, I had to take a look. OK the first one is a coffee table book of fabulous photos of cats all dressed up in designer clothing for cats, of course.  I do not own this book!! I wouldn't buy this book, because I have to believe that the cats being photographed are actually being "tortured."  I have only known one cat who ever enjoyed being dressed up.

It was a kitten that I once found on the white line of a two lane highway.  I had to stop, flag down some on coming cars, who also stopped, while I picked up the kitten, put it in my car and brought it home. Since I already had two cats, I was planning on taking this one to the humane society when my next door neighbour offered to take it in. She had five children. They all played with the kitten, often dressing it up and wheeling it around the house in a doll carriage - the cat loved it!!

Now I must confess to keeping, all these years, a book I bought at a used bookstore on the artist Louis Wain. He drew pictures of cats that walked upright on their hind feet and were dressed in amazing costumes. He did most of his work while living in a residence for the mentally ill.

Cat stories aside, I was a little embarrassed to see two knitting books on the list. Knitting with dog hair, I know about. There are several people in the global knitting community who spin dog hair into yarn and will spin hair from your dog into yarn and then knit a sweater for you from it - one of the more unique ways to earn a living.

The other book about knitting on the list was a picture book, with instructions, about "Royal" knitting. I nearly bought this book years ago and yes I have been guilty of knitting a crown or two. You can see them in the link to an earlier post.

So I guess I have to add my name to the list of weird - I prefer the term unconventional - people I know. But I would just like to add that I do not own a horse to bomb proof. I do not plan to dis(s)appear even if I spelled it correctly. I'm not very good at math, so I won't be teaching my dog Physics. However, I do have lawn ornaments which I made once for an art class - they are all cats, though, not gnomes and I am intrigued by the idea of using my car engine as a stove - actually I am more intrigued by the title of the book - "Manifold Destiny." It speaks to my love of gadgets!!

Cat Lawn Ornaments

Finally since I own a copy of the book "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch, I obviously care about "old people." Maybe we all need to check our personal libraries before the "weird police" arrive. Please share any titles that you think are a little unconventional. Really I think that's what makes us all so interesting - weird indeed!!!

I'll try to get a better picture of the lawn ornaments. They are a collection of about 10 to 12 cat silhouettes, some are outlines and others are complete figures. I never put them out front because I don't want anyone stealing them - my husband thinks that this is hilarious. "Who would steal these lawn ornaments?" Well, now I can say that there is a book about it!!

Have a wonderful day!!!  Posting twice today - now I am just behind 3 posts!!


  1. Blessed are those who are's what makes us unique. Great post!

  2. Speaking of cat books, I have a book that has been on my coffee table for years called Pre-Raphaelite Cats. It is a picture book full of, you guessed it, cats that have replaced the humans in works of art originally painted by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

    I have an art history degree, so I am weird as it is, and that book was right down my alley when I saw it in a bookstore. It's a great conversation piece. :)

  3. When I was young, I owned a parakeet and I loved to draw pictures of my little bird in various costumes I desgned - nothing a bird could ever wear in real life, plus I'm not that great an artist. If I did drawings like that, and self published, I could be an official weird person, too! (right now I'm just an unofficial weird person.)

  4. This is a great idea for a blog post--admit to what weird books we have in our own libraries. I certainly have a few!