Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where's George????

This post has nothing to do with the new Royal or Waldo, but it has everything to do with money!! In yesterday's post I mentioned a site that tracks US money. I mistakenly thought that it should have been named "Where's Sam?" from the dollar sign $ which is considered a variant of the initials US. However, the George in Where's George, actually refers to George Washington, the president featured on the American one dollar bill - makes sense.

Anyway, today I thought that I would explore the site a little more.  Here is the description from Wikipedia. Basically you can go to the site, and key in the serial numbers of various US bills that you may have and track where they have come from. Later, after you have parted with them, you can go on the site and see where they have gone. Another cool way to waste time!!

Looking for a match

Well you can only see where they have gone, if another "Georger" has bothered to go to the site and entered the serial numbers of their bills and Bingo you have a hit on one of your entries. Actually I shouldn't have used the term Bingo. That is actually reserved for one of the feats on the site - getting one of your bills entered in all 50 states. The site obviously has a cult following with forums and discussion groups all vying for various goals on the site. Many encourage people to go to Where's George and enter bills, by actually posting notes on the bills. This is really defacement. The government has investigated, but not much has been done.

It may seem like idle time wasting, but the site has actually been used in research to measure statistical data and to track how quickly a disease, such as, Swine Flu, could spread.

Gives the concept of money laundering a whole new meaning :)

Have a great day!!


  1. What a splendid way to waste an afternoon!

  2. Carol, I have a germ fetish or phobia. I hate handling money. All I can think about is all the germy hands that have held the money. I am even uncomfortable when someone swipes my credit card. Not enough to clean it up, but concerned. I think if I saw where some money I had on me had been, I would want to burn it. Swine flu? Just more proof. Thanks for this incredible article. Who would have thought of games like this.

  3. I do this when I come across a bill that has been marked but I don't make "initial" entries - too busy. It is a fun diversion when I do it though!

  4. This is incredible! I would never have thought of it. Having said this, I am not sure that I could find the time to take part!

  5. How cool! I have never heard of this but think it sounds a bit fascinating. It would be a great way to find out how local your money remains when you spend it locally. I may have to give this a try!

  6. It's clear that I need your job, Carol... I don't have such available free time to peruse such sites!

  7. I've heard of this site - I don't have the time for this but, as someone who majored in anthropology, the fact that people would do this is quite fascinating. I know I had heard of this site years ago and I'm happy to see it is apparently still going strong.