Saturday, July 27, 2013

Underneath it all

I took a break yesterday and worked on a cryptic crossword puzzle. It was actually quite manageable, except for the clue,

"Missing some exercise for boxers"

I did my best to work it out, given that it was the last unsolved clue. Finally, I resorted to the internet. I tried to "flush" out some more ideas with a few inventive searches. Well one of them unearthed this website.

Who would have thought that there would be a website dedicated to men's underwear!!!!

As I have said before, I love names and lists and here is a list of names...OK it's men's underwear. I am hoping that whatever is transiting my sun sign does it quickly, or I'm in trouble!!!

Best to turn this into a lesson on branding. Now I have said before that a brand name should convey certain qualities of the product that would make people want to buy it, literally have it jump off the shelf.  This extensive list of brand names, for a specific product, provides some very good examples of what to do, or not to do, when choosing a brand name. Here is how the list shapes up.

1. There are the well known brands, that have made their name by creating great outer clothing, as opposed to under clothing, so it's understandable that they would add their popular name to underwear and still keep it all respectable: Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, H&M, Versace, Perry Ellis, etc.

2. The next category would be for the edgier brand names. They are well known but have a subtext. They may do other clothing lines, but they are mainly known for underwear and their name reflects that -  American Jock, Joe Boxer, Jockey, Spanx for Men etc.

3. Then there are the maybe not so well known brands, but they would like to be, so they are kind of "in your face names,"  such as: 4skins, Jam, Stud, Artillery, Naked, Cocksox. Enough said.

4. I wouldn't have thought that there had to be class distinctions in underwear, but I can see how some names would appeal to a snouty, more intellectual crowd, such as: Private Structure, Alpha & Omega, Clever, Eyelit, Matman, M8Mate.

5. Or a snouty world traveller: Homme Mystere, Kiki de Montparnasse, Barcode Berlin, Sartoria.

Gear (s)

6. There will always be the "what ever were you thinking" brand names  such as: Pants to poverty, Piss and Vinegar, Shreddies, Sweat Under Gear, Bon Bon Bodywear, Cell Block 13, Rounderbum. Somehow I can't see these flying off the shelf.

7. Or the I must be in the wrong department names: Milk, Wood, Got Wood, Toast, Saxx, Magic Silk.

8. Now, some names are just plain cute: Funky Trunks, Justus Boyz, Meundies, Polar Bares. However, I'm not sure how well they would sell underwear.

9. While others defy classification: Nasty Pig, Freegun, Ginch Gonch. Maybe for people who don't wear underwear. Then again what's the point!

10. Lastly, there are those companies who should have changed their brand name long ago: Fruit of the Loom, House of Holland, The White Briefs.

11. And very lastly, since this blog is part of a knitting site, there is the brand - pullWool. Enough said.

Since my husband buys his own briefs - always from The Gap, I don't have a lot of experience in the area - so I might have missed an obvious trend or put a brand in the wrong category. Please let me know.

And if this name game seems a little boring there is a page on the site that has pictures of celebrities caught in their underwear, always a good way of building brand recognition :)

The picture? Another brand was Bike - exercises in gear!!

Have a great day!!


  1. Interesting little post. Found it interesting you classed us as a #4. We may be a bit niche.... but snooty and intellectual...We take offence....(Lol)!

    Great post though, really enjoyed the read.

  2. Ah... the internet. There's no end to the surprises one gets when chasing down some information...