Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yesterday, I keyed in the word "today" in my MAC's title bar. It was quite amazing what turned up. At the top of the list was the site "todayIfoundout.com." Here I found links to some fascinating articles, including:

Jane Elliot and the blue-eyed children experiment. This is a serious article and very enlightening, however, there were some headings to articles that may have started out serious, but their titles make them seem really ridiculous, such as,

1. The Man Who Ate an Airplane and Three Other People Who Eat Weird Things
2. The Language Made Up Entirely of Whistles
3. Wearing Hats Does Not Cause You to Go Bald

This is just a selection. I think that this site may compete with Mental Floss for randomness.

I really just wanted to know what number the day was in the year, so I could see how many blogs I was behind in my blog-a-day challenge for 2013. I couldn't find it in the list, so I keyed in "today is." This search listed several interesting sites, as well, including:

Cat Sulking

1. www.checkiday.com - a listing of celebrations for the day - yesterday was National Hammock Day - enough said.
2. www.todayisboring.com - it was a video of a woman kissing a bicycle seat and yes it was very boring!
3. caturday.tumblr.com - billed as the world's best cat blog.

All this to find out that I am just behind one blog post!!  I've written 202 and yesterday was day 203!!

Have a good one!!

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  1. I *love* the kind of things you can find when you are searching for other things - brilliant!