Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Brain Idles.....

I am sitting here at the kitchen table thinking. Actually I'm not really thinking productively, I'm just letting thoughts idle around in my head. Well, I am trying to come up with an idea for a blog this morning and I have had some "idea glimmers." Can I call them that? These are the thoughts that glow a little brighter than the other junk in the mental drawer. For example:

1. I know that I had written about Cory Monteith before in a blog - How Gleeful is That?. OK it also talks a lot about knitting too.

2. I also read an article posted to my FB wall by Mental Floss on how people who were bookworms when they were younger are less likely to suffer the effects of Alzheimer's when they age. This fact was also collaborated by an article in one of the papers this morning, which suggested that you delay retirement until you are well into your 90s. So, if I work myself to death, when am I going to have time to read???

3. The veterinarian is coming to the house today to give the cats - all 3 of them - their shots. I was driving down a side street the other day, when I passed a sign on a lawn that advertised a vet that made house calls. Since I find taking three cats, all at once, to the vet very difficult, I braked, backed up and took down the number. Now I am mentally planning how to tidy the house for the visit. No sense rushing into this tidying business without a plan and another cup of tea!!

4. I noticed that there was no mention of a royal baby birth any where. I guess it hasn't happened yet. I need some good news. The rest of the stuff in the paper is damned depressing!!

5. I am also mentally planning how to cope with a hot humid 32C day. Then I am reminded that there are places a lot hotter. Let's skip over that one.

6. I've no idea what to have for dinner tonight. This is not new. I rarely, if ever, know what I'm going to have for dinner in the morning of the evening of the scheduled dinner. Well, there's always chicken.

7. There have been no posts lately on body parts - real, plastic or imagined. I am still working on the idea of doing a post on Sarah Bernhardt. The connection here is from a post about body parts that we have, which we no longer need, such as the remnants of a tail bone at the base of our spines. I always loved an article I read once on the famous actress. She was mourning the fact that she didn't have a tail and how she could be so much more expressive with one. I say that it's just one more "thing " to clean - now what else can I get rid of??

OK the thoughts have now degenerated to the point where I know that I have to get into first gear or I'm in trouble!!....and oh look - a blog post :)

Never underestimate the power of the brain even in neutral.

The picture - a body without its parts and a bit of knitting, however, not for a hot day!!

Have a cool one

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