Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Thank you...

There are some things that this blog has accomplished. Actually there are a lot of things that this blog has accomplished and it is not the blog itself but you, the reader, that has helped make them happen and I just want to say "Thank you."

The last year or so have been very stressful for me.  There have been changes and transitions within my business, within the family and within myself. Nothing really major, just the slow evolution of time. However, I found the daily "downs" very stressful. Sometimes the sitting and waiting was excruciating. I had to have some positive "event" in the day that gave me an "up." I decided to increase my blog posts. I have always enjoyed writing. You know finding that "bon mot" or having a phrase express the idea exactly. These posts were often the highlight of my day.

Cats en masse

However, what was even more enjoyable was seeing you post to my blog, or like it, or even just happen upon it. You gave me a reason to keep posting and in so doing I kept having these positives in my day and I was getting through one small crisis after another. I also found that in looking for blog topics, I had to get out of my "rut" - take some pictures, go to a venue or even just finish a project. There was more than just the daily composition.

On the weekend, I decided to finish a project that I had had on the back burner for more than 35 years. Yes, I'm a little insane! Who keeps something around that long!! It was an art project that I did for a post graduate credit a long time ago. I presented the drawings at the class, but I still wanted to finish the actual "sculptures." OK they were lawn ornaments made of plywood shapes and they had challenges. The plywood was very thick and needed to be cut out with more than an ordinary jig saw. The figures had to be primed and then painted. Then they had to have some way to make them stand, independently.

Over the years I achieved the cutting, the priming and the painting - never all in one year, though. Finally this last weekend I improved the way they could stand alone by screwing some T brackets to the bottom of each figure and here they are. Now back to the closet for some more unfinished gems!!

Thank you again and have a fulfilling day!!

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