Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I just found another photo-sharing site - The pictures are really funny and don't require professional photography skills - just a sense of humour. I have tried posting in a few on-line photography collections that actually made your photographs available for sale.  Needless to say, I have not sold one of mine. Maybe this is the other route to go.

Alas there are hundreds of these sites with millions of photographs being uploaded daily. It is daunting, but it also gives you a sense of the vastness of the world and this is only the niche of people who take pictures and bother to upload them - OK everyone has a phone and more and more people are taking more and more pictures, however to be actually on these sites, you have to upload your photo and it usually has to be fairly dense in pixels, so you would need a camera that is a little better than the one on your phone. doesn't seem to care about your ability as a photographer as long as you have captured the moment and it has gone viral. I think that I have found a new way to waste time. I can look at the hundreds of photos on that have gone viral that day. I can take a few interesting photos, upload them myself to imgur, after I register, and am excepted, I expect and then I can try to enhance even more photos with text to make them funny and then upload them.

Meh! who needs to make money? Make fun instead. It's the economy of the internet - I think they call it freakonomics :)

I took the picture in Rome. It was in the window of a shop, that obviously didn't want just anyone parking there.  The fine print reads "All others will be crushed." Interesting that the sign's in English and it was spotted in Rome. Another mystery!!

Have a Ferrari of a day!!

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  1. What fun. I love humor and photography. My daughter and I often snap pix of quirky things that I'm not even sure other people would find funny. But what a great place to post and see if perhaps there are others out there that might too!