Friday, July 12, 2013

Paradiso Lost...

My usual coffee at The Second Cup is a small Paradiso to go. I don't like artificially flavoured coffees and I haven't taken the time to try some of their other blends. However, I do have their holiday blend when it's available - usually in December.

Well, Caro Ness posted in a blogging group that I frequent about the A-Z of coffee. Here's the link for coffee A-D and for coffee E-Z. Caro Lists 106 types of coffee, including:

CafĂ© Touba is named after the town of the same name in Senegal, and is the spiritual drink of the country. The coffee beans are mixed with selim (an African black pepper) during roasting, then the drink is prepared like filter coffee
Triple Death is dripped coffee with a triple shot of espresso (see Green Eye)
and even
Witch’s Coffee is a liqueur coffee made with strega, sugar and cream Yuang Yuang or Ying Yong is a mixture of coffee and Hong Kong milk tea (black tea with condensed milk added to it)

coffee - home brew

Obviously I have to step up my Java intake. I'm missing out on a lot!! Now we do buy Tim Horton's coffee from the supermarket to make at home, but I get the sense that this is really very pedestrian. So I think that I might price an Americano today and see if I can jolt myself out of my comfort level and try life beyond Paradise or rather Paradiso!!

I would also like to share with you Caro's absolutely perfect poem entitled Coffee. Caro managed to get  all 17 lines of verse to rhyme with the word "caffeine." It's definitely worth a read!!

Have an amazing day!!

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  1. Caro Ness is one of my favorite people! I enjoyed her series on coffee, though I missed the poem you mentioned. Going to go there to check it out.