Friday, July 05, 2013

Never a Snark....

....always a Boojum.  I must apologize for not finishing the story of the intruder that my sister found sleeping on her couch one night. I thought that I had forgotten what had happened and in fact, in talking to my sister, I realized that what had actually happened was a "Boojum" - a drifting off into nothingness - of the intruder that is.


When my sister had found an intruder sleeping on her couch about 2-3:00am one Saturday night/Sunday morning, she had decided not to wake him.  He was young, may have been on drugs and well, she didn't want an incident and knowing my sister, she would not have called the police, preferring to "deal with it herself." Well she did go back to bed, but couldn't sleep.  She spent some time discussing the situation, with her teenage daughter, who had arrived home at the same time that the intruder was discovered. However, like so many things that you set about to solve, they often, given some time, resolve themselves. At one point the intruder woke up. My sister heard this and went down to "address the issue." He was putting on his shoes.  She said, "who are you?" He didn't reply. He just looked a little dazed and headed for the door, opened it and left, disappearing into the night, as the novels say.

The terms Snark and Boojum are from the poem "The Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. That's incredible! Thanks for filling us in on the rest of the story, Carol! I'm glad that he seemed to just want a quiet nap, and not something more sinister.