Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Whom the Binoculars Search

I have to acknowledge in a post the passing of a famous Canadian artist Alex Colville. I have always loved his work. His paintings belong to the school of photo-realism, I understand. Maybe that's why I love his work so much. Although they are paintings, they look like surreal photographs that tell a story.

To Prince Edward Island

This is one of my favourites. It is hung in the National Gallery in Ottawa. I remember taking my son there when he was very little. We would stand well off to the left of the painting and then off to the right. The binoculars would always follow you - very eerie. Here is a link to more of his paintings. Look for the statement or tension in each piece.

Breakfast at Tomanys
The picture? Well it might not be art, but it is still and it is life and it may tell a story, but I think that it's missing the tension. Maybe this is a good thing. Life imitating art, almost.

Have an artistic day!!


  1. You have some cool literary references in here. My favorites are For Whom the Binoculars Search and Breakfast at Tomanys. I also loved the pictures. Great work, Carol.

  2. I followed the link to his work and I also love how so many of his works were of everyday things and events. Like the mother and children getting into the car. So simple, we can all relate to it in some way. Thank you for sharing his work!

  3. gives a whole new definition to photo-realism!

  4. Whilst I still take photographs at "events" I take few and often forget altogether. I take lots of everyday photographs. When the girls go through our albums they are the ones that prompt the most memories. Our lives are made up of the ordinary and mundane, that's why, I think photos and paintings of those are the most meaningful.

  5. Really enjoyed looking through your link to other images. Complex on many levels.

  6. Photo realism...Hmmm. Somehow this made made me think of Tracey Emin's dirty bed. I like art to make me to a different place. I feel slightly cheated when what I see is so close to reality. Maybe, after all, I am old fashioned!