Thursday, July 04, 2013

Couch Surfing or....

Someone posted to my FB wall a story about a family in BC who had come home to find a naked man cooking breakfast in their kitchen. He had apparently showered, shaved etc, and in fact had done everything, but gotten dressed and was about to make himself a meal, when the owners arrived home!!  Here's the link.

They believed that drugs were involved - well bacon is a drug, isn't it?

It wasn't until a year or so ago that I was introduced to the term "couch surfing." This is apparently what people do, who do not have a "fixed address," but still have friends. They hang out at a friend's house, do some minor chores now and again and then spend the night on the couch.

It's a type of life style I suppose - a sort of "between jobs" or "no money to travel, but would like to" type of existence. I think that there was the equivalent in the 60s & 70s where young people just camped out somewhere - maybe Haight/Ashbury - and hoped for the best.


The BC intruder also reminded me of an incident that happened to my sister a few years ago. She had gone to bed about 11:00pm on a Saturday night. Her teenaged daughter was still out, so she was sleeping lightly. Sometime about 2:00 or 3:00am there was a noise and my sister got up to check on things. Fortunately my niece was just coming home at that time. This was not the surprise! The real shock was that some stranger was sleeping on their couch.  My sister had left the door unlocked for her daughter and some young person had obviously mistaken the house for one that he knew and had come in and fallen asleep on the couch.

They decided to leave him there, rather than waken him and perhaps create an "incident."  I'm not sure that I could have fallen back to sleep, with a stranger on my couch!! Sorry, I've forgotten what happened in the morning.

Strange occurrences of the nocturnal kind.  It also reminds me of a CSI left forgotten.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Brings new meaning to "bringing home the bacon"

  2. How can you have forgotten what happened in the morning???

  3. I certainly couldn't have gone back to bed! As for couch surfing I guess if everyone involved is ok with it it's a way for someone to catch a break with bills. Hopefully they're working on finding a way to support themselves in the meantime and not just partying through life.

  4. Oh no, I wouldn't have gone back to bed. It's funny, I heard of a similar incident where we live... maybe it's more common than we think!

  5. us another post when you've remembered what DID happen!

  6. Very entertaining as ever, loving the gratuitous picture of bacon. NOM !

  7. My older daughter is becoming a teenager and I am not looking forward to such surprises...I think that I would have had a heart attack!