Sunday, July 21, 2013

Challenge II

Here are the next 10 challenges of the 30 challenges for 30 days. The first 10 are here in this post and also the original link is there to - OK it's here too. The object of the challenge is to do one or two of these exercises for 30 days to make them a habit.

11. Watch a documentary each day (Easy)
Always wanted to know everything about a certain topic? You are in luck, it’s the digital era! There are more documentaries online you can possible watch in a lifetime. YouTube, Google Video, and are some of the great sources. Here is a list of HEthens best documentaries!
I'm not sure that I would do this everyday. I have to absorb what I see and hear. But I will start with some of these.

12. Read a chapter each day (Easy)

We all know we should be reading more often but somehow we are glued to the same computer screen you are staring at right now. Clicking buttons. The solution is to take some time each day to read one chapter. Just one. Easy right? Do it somewhere cozy or outside. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, turn on some ambient music. Check out these links on what books to read. Click here and here.
I am back to reading, but it's very light - mysteries. I may check out a few in the above lists. But I won't do it as a challenge. After all two crossword puzzles have to be attended to everyday and that's a challenge in itself :)

13. Study a topic you’d like to master each day (Hard)

Always wanted to know everything about Animal Behaviour? Psychology? Physics? Philosophy? Educate yourself without school! Pick a topic, plan at least a lecture or an assignment each day and become a genius on your passion! Click here to find out what is possible and how to do it.
I suppose I could try to do a little work daily on a website that I want to finish in Wordpress. Let me think about this one.

From an old route re-visited.
14. Walk/Drive/Run a new route to work/school each day (Easy)
This is a great challenge to keep alert, discover new places, get a better understanding of your city and to have more fun while doing one of the mundane daily tasks of life.
I don't need to be confused. I actually like routine because it frees the mind to think!

15. Read a new article on HE each (Easy)

A great way to keep inspired, to come up with new ideas and to motivate yourself to make the best out of life!
This I could do and the articles look very interesting!! - HE is High existence - just figured that out :)

16. Media-fast for 30 days (Intermediate)

Don’t watch any television and stop following the news. Limit yourself to reading a maximum of 5 blogs this whole month. Log out of Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Stop the information overload and try living simple. You'll be amazed how much free time you have left!
Meditations from the Bruce Trail

17. Pick one bad habit you already have and ditch it for 30 days (Hard)

Are you a smoker? Do you like to see the negative side of things? Do you practice self-hate? Do you eat fast food? Do you play too many video games? Quit them for 30 days, and pick another challenge instead!
I am not ready to give up Freecell!!

18. Inspire yourself each day (Easy)

Studies have shown that people who are inspired are happier, nicer, productive and will not stray away from their chosen path if life gets difficult. So print a quote and tape it to the mirror. Have an inspirational video as your starting page. Use an inspirational mantra for meditation. Get a principle to live by. In short, get your dose of inspiration each day!
Several dozen are posted to my FB wall daily. I'm working on it.

19. Take a cold shower each day (Intermediate)

Cold showers are great for uplifting ones mood, cure stress related diseases, to strengthens ones immune system and to make your skin beautiful. You can read the reports of some HEthens that have been trying it for some time over here!
This will never happen!!

Cold Shower from a Distance :)
20. Think of an accomplishment you’d like to achieve for each year of the next 30 years, a year each day (Hard)
This is great existential shock therapy. You can’t answer these questions without facing your life as it is right now and how it is likely to unfold. This one also gets harder progressively. It’s a great way to reflect!
How about standing at age 98 :)
The next 10 are on the next blog.
Have a wonderful day

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  1. To try one of these challenges I'd have to pick an easy one, otherwise I won't fit it into my day. Although in saying that, I really like #13. I could pick a business related topic which could really help me in many ways.

    Like you, #16 Media-fast is out. I need to post my blog challenge!

    I'll decide after seeing the next 10!