Wednesday, July 24, 2013

By George you've got it.....

....the name that is. The Royals have named their new born son and possibly future king - George!! Well, there was really only one King George (III) who was mad and King George VI was well liked - better I think than his brother George V who abdicated to marry a twice divorced American woman. Oh, then, of course, there was St George, who slew the dragon. His cross is part of the Union Jack - go figure!

It isn't my favourite name, but there is hope. Wikipedia tells us that George is /was also the name of :

1. An early computer (1957), an operating system, a programming language, a website that tracks American currencies - shouldn't that be Sam? and a simple robot 1949.

Phew that's a tough act to follow!!

2. It is also the affectionate name of an autopilot, a bus service and a ship. Not to mention a society for the prevention of calling Sleeping Car porters George. There was also the handy phrase "Let George Do it."

He may have to one day :)

3. Finally it is the name of a clothing line for Wal-Mart/Asda, a magazine, a hurricane, a tropical storm, a vacuum cleaner and a lobster.

a vacuum called Miele :)

Obviously no one consulted Wikipedia before adopting the name. Then again the Royals are apparently on a campaign to seem like the rest of us. Well, if that's the case, then they picked a name with very common connections!! Incidentally, the name George comes from the Greek and means farmer.

I think that you're just going to have to "suck it up" little one. Maybe you can be affectionately known as Geordie :) and may all your dragons be sleeping!!

Have a g(e)orgeous day!!


  1. Oh well, he probably will end up with a pet name anyway. Like Georgie..Hee! But he has allot of other things going for him that's for sure...his going home blanket was $150 and I am sure there is more to come. Can you imagine? He will be living the life of a royal prince. So I guess in that case, what's in the name. In his case, a possible Kingship.
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  2. Clever and fun to read. Let's see... George is my EX hubby's middle name, the name of the husband of the woman he cheated with AND my fiance's main source of aggravation at his work... Not liking George so much...