Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Alien Hand Syndrome

Well it's "hump day" and my lunch for today has been cancelled so I am a little disorganized having to re-group. As a result, this is a short post.

Phantom cheque

I am always fascinated by "alien body parts," mainly hands and feet. I wrote the other day of being drawn to a post about mannequin feet and I am always intrigued by those odd hands or feet or noses etc. that get into photographs. In fact, the other day, I was idly pushing the "amazing fact generator" on the Mental Floss website, when I came across a condition that may effect my camera, or picture taking capabilities anyway. It's called Alien Hand Syndrome.

Aliens hands in Italy

Alien Hand Syndrome is a condition that defines itself: AHS sufferers believe that one of their hands acts completely on its own. A 1990 medical journal tells the story of one longtime smoker who repeatedly put a cigarette into her mouth with her good hand, whereupon her alien hand would remove the cigarette before it could be lit. The disorder is generally caused by brain damage resulting from strokes or physical trauma.

The last picture has captured several alien hands, an alien smile with nose attached and an alien earlobe with ring attached. Quite a haul that evening. Never under-estimate your worst picture. Other worlds may be speaking to you :)

 Have a great day.


  1. Very innovative idea...all those photos we would normally chuck out, delete or file away 'just in case'..look forward to revisting your site...

  2. While trying to fiddle with the settings on my camera last week I took a photograph of my cleavage. Be assured it will not be featuring in any blog posts unless I start a blog with a horror theme.

    I am intrigued to know where you are going with the body parts posts:)