Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who are you....?

Have you every considered that you may actually be the embodiment of another entity? Well, I never have until the other day..... Roy Akerman, a blogger who is active in several of the same blogging groups that I am and in fact started the Monday Thursday Blog group shared a post from Frugal Science on writing. This blog post in turn contained a link to a site that would analyze your writing style and tell you, which author you are most like.

I couldn't resist!! I clicked through to the site. Cut out a piece from a recent blog post and pasted it in the analyzer. It took a second to determine that I write like Dan Brown. Hmmmm, I wasn't convinced, so I clipped out a section of another post and this time, I was told that I write like Margaret Atwood - I wish!! This I know isn't true, so I tried it again and this time I was Cory Doctorow. Well, it may be good for the ego, but not very accurate.

I tried the analyzer again today, just before writing this post. The first time it said Cory Doctorow again. Hmmmm, maybe there is something here, after all both Atwood and Doctorow are Canadians, based in Toronto. Perhaps environment really does have an effect on your writing style. I had to try the analyzer one more time. I clipped a piece from the Nanowrimo "novel" that I completed in November 2012. This time I was compared to P.H. Lovecraft. Yikes!!!!

The Shadow Knows

What most of these writers have in common is a strong science fiction, fantasy writing style, with the exception of Lovecraft who is known as the grandfather of horror - horrors!!! So now I believe that an alien has inhabited my body and/or mind and if I don't keep an eye on myself, I might turn into some raving horrific witch that writes about forbidden rituals - well I was going to write about ironing :)

The irony here (no pun intended) is that I never read Science Fiction or Fantasy and certainly not Horror. In fact, I rarely read fiction, although I've taken to reading mysteries lately because I needed something absorbing, a page turner, while travelling!!

All things considered, it's a fun exercise. Try it. I'd love to know "Who you are."

The picture?  The closest I had to something "scary."

Have a great day!!

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  1. What fun. I apparently write like Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson. Margaret Atwood and J R R Tolkien. Prestigious company but I fear they would not appreciate the comparison!