Monday, June 24, 2013

When life gives you melons.....

......have a ball. Well what I really mean to say is, make "melon balls." I have said before that I am a gadget "groupie." I especially like kitchen gadgets and I have written before about my cherry pitter, and my mill for grinding nuts. I even have a philosophical treatise on sieves - nothing gets by me. :) So while looking at my blank screen and searching frantically for a blog topic, I did what usually works. I got up, moved around a little - not too much - I have trouble thinking and walking at the same time, one of the reasons I never chew gum!!

I opened the drawer in the kitchen that houses the small utensils - the odds and ends that don't fit into the Lazy Susan. Surely there must be something of interest in here. Somewhere beyond the safety pins, rubber bands, toothpicks and soccer ball inflater - definitely an essential because it clears the kitchen of children under foot, once you have inflated the soccer ball of course, I found my trusty melon baller. Again, like my nut grinder, I haven't used it in years. However, there was a time in my life when everyone I knew was making melon balls to fancy up a fruit salad or something. I just couldn't be left out.

Melon Baller

I bought one, used it for a month or two and then decided that chopping cantaloupe and watermelon was much easier than trying to make ornaments out of them!! So my melon baller was relegated to the back of the drawer and I moved on to another craze, maybe it was skewers because I also have a lot of them in the drawer too!!

I can now spend the day pondering why there is a small hole in the bottom of each cup. Any help here would be appreciated. The engineer in me says that the hole is there to help push out a stubborn ball or two. Or maybe it's there to let the air escape while using the tool. I'm not sure that the discussion is up there with sieves, but they both have holes. And if I apply a little Leonard Cohen - we all need holes or cracks, that's how the light gets in - my humble baller is right up there with the poets!!

Have a wonderful day!!

PS The last paragraph of this post, in the writing analyzer, was rated as James Joyce!!


  1. We call that drawer the junk drawer- for darned good reasons!

  2. Interesting question about the holes in the melon ballers. I don't have an answer for you. I sometimes use my melon baller to shape cookie dough into balls if it's necessary or to shape meatballs (because I gag at having to touch raw meat). Great post!

  3. Junk or meatballer. That is the question. James Joyce? Really? I had no trouble reading it or knowing what you were saying. Hum. I wonder what that says about my mind.

  4. I don't use a melon baller. I am not a dainty melon eater. I take melons by the....uh, and cut out a slice and eat it by hand! Sorry I couldn't help.

  5. I have to come clean here: I have never used a melon baller. Ever. Although I feel slightly guilty about this fact after reading your post, well, what can I say? that's just who I am.
    NB: sometimes I am in a spring clean sort of mood (not too often), and I throw away what is in my junk drawer. Sad but true.