Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today we did another walk, this time from Monterossa to Vanazza where the path climbs from 5m above sea level to 460m. I found the hike a little easier today, than yesterday, either because I am getting used to the steep stairs or my muscles are getting stronger. In any event, it was still a challenging walk, because there weren’t nearly as many railings along the path as there were yesterday, also the path was quite narrow at times and there were several streams to ford – a technical term for jump over and hope that you don’t slip and fall half way down the mountain. 

The challenges are worth it though, because your rewards are absolutely magnificent views of the coast, gorgeous displays of wildflowers from the terraces above and below the path and the wonderful feeling of connecting with the people who created these paths hundreds of years ago.

Wildflowers in Cinque Terre

 There are always people of all ages and abilities on the walks. When I set out I didn’t realize that I really have a significant fear of heights, plus my balance isn’t as great as I would have liked, so I went slowly, clung to the walls, where there were no railings and never looked down on a sheer drop!

Vernazza coming down the Mountain
The kids just stayed on the beach and made friends from all over Europe. Access to the internet has been difficult. There are only a few cafes with wifi and their opening times vary from day to day. I tried paying for some time at a small hotel, but the passwords were very cumbersome and I still couldn’t get a connection. Finally one of the waitresses gave me her own personal access code and it worked.

Marinated Anchovies

We’ve eaten out every night except for the night it rained. The food has been excellent, however, the service again varies from restaurant to restaurant. We have so far had only one bad experience.

Local Catch - Monterosso
Last night I had marinated anchovies as a starter and the mixed grilled fish platter. There were five different types of fish on my plate, including Swordfish, Cuttlefish, a small whole whitefish, another filetted one I didn’t recognize and two grilled prawns.

Since the two walks that are the easiest are closed for repairs, we will probably just take the train to the last two towns, Manarola and Riomagiorre to admire their unique characteristics. There is also a ferry between the towns, but since we have paid for the train pass, it makes sense to use it.

Hope to have wifi today.

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