Thursday, June 27, 2013

Utne Reader

When my kids were in school there were always fund raising projects and everyone contributed. One of these fund-raisers was a magazine campaign, where you subscribed to 4 or 5 magazines and renewed them each year. Since Mental Floss, subject of my last two posts, and Utne Reader were on the list, I ordered them. Both magazines were unique in their own way.

However, I used to have huge guilt trips after reading each issue of Utne (rhymes with chutney), because of what I wasn't doing for the environment, freedom of expression or some grass roots ideal!! On the other hand, I used to get a huge headache reading Mental Floss, just trying to understand their very intellectual, often very obscure articles. Both magazines were, however, mind expanding in spite of the pain!!

Street Art, maybe

Fast forward 10 years and here I am again looking at both their websites and espousing their articles or posts, as ideas for blog topics. Yesterday,  I "liked" Unte Reader on FB. They are not as prolific in their posts as Mental Floss. They still, it seems, want people to subscribe to a magazine.

Here's a sampling of the topics on their site today

  • Welcome to the (Don't Be) Evil Empire
  • Facing Changing Climate, San Francisco Prepares to Share
  • Medicinal Marijuana Comes to Washington DC
  • In Praise of Darkness (and Light)
  • Final Footprint Introduces Natural Burial in the U.S.
  • Street Art Illuminates City's Broken Promise
  • The Loss of Food Rights: How the Government Is Fighting Local Farms
  • Arsenic Contamination in Graveyards: How the Dead Are Hurting the Environment
  • Choosing a Career in the Era of Too Much Choice
  • Competitive Running: The Path to Human Endurance
  • Land Deals in Africa: The Pros and Cons
  • Native American Influence in the History of the Blues

  • Lots of food for thought here!!

    Have a wonderful day!!


    1. I have visited MF before on fbook. They have some interesting posts for certain.

    2. I used to be a big fan of Utne- and then decided to stick with primary sources. But, it certainly covers the universe!

    3. My chiropractor keeps Mental Floss in his office and I think it has some great quick reading trivia and fun facts. Perfect for while your waiting for an appointment. I have not seen Utne before. I'll have to check it out.

    4. My neural network is fried. I can't keep up. I think if I read about how the dead are hurting the environment, I'll want to go out and shoot some dead people. Shame on them.

    5. I shamefully admit that I didn't know any of these magazines. Thanks for the heads up!