Monday, June 03, 2013

Roma - lost & found

Today we did what everyone should do - get lost in a city and find your way "out." I love not having an agenda and not even knowing where I am going - the freedom of just following a vibe to see what will happen.

This morning we had some "things" that needed to be done. We had to find a grocery store for a few more basics than the mini market offered. The kids had left early for breakfast, found panini, croissants, juice etc. and actually brought enough home for all of us to eat - I was in shock. They had found a small grocery store in the Vatican area, which they said, we couldn't miss - we did!

Interior of Apartment in Rome
However, since we were close enough to the entrance for the Sistine Chapel, we checked out the procedure for our tour tomorrow. There didn't seem to be a line up for people with on-line registrations - that's us. The other line was three hours long. I'll let you know, how it goes tomorrow. Hint: there was no one to ask about the procedure and the crowds were overwhelming. I reasoned that, if we went into the exit, which was right beside the entrance, that someone would correct us and we could then ask for more information. It worked!!

Apartment from kitchen to loft bedroom.

Now to find that supermarket. We spent about an hour walking around amazing little streets lined with trendy restaurants, quaint shops, gorgeous buildings and lots of people!! There was not a supermarket, or bakery in sight!! Back to the mini mart for a few panini, some salami and a tomato for lunch sandwiches.

We ate at home - regrouped and set out on what proved to be a marathon ramble through a labyrinth of side streets and piazzas which led us to The Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. We walked all the way there and back again. On the return walk, we chose the shaded area along the river. It's been sunny and 21C.

The pictures are of the interior of the apartment, which has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, washer, dryer, dish washer, wifi, and lots of open airy space, but alas no patio. We found it on-line at "home away." It costs $1,500.00 euros for the week. There is cheaper accommodation, but we like our creature comforts! Even if the toaster is from the Ark, there is no oven - just a microwave, no kettle or coffee pot. However, it does have a tea pot, and enough cutlery, glasses, plates and cups for the four of us. We have rented apts. in lots of places and everyone has had a different inventory of what the owners deem essential for one's daily survival. Fortunately there are several bottle openers and a corkscrew!!

More pictures of our walk later!!


  1. FABULOUS....keep up the explore, we are all ears...

  2. Ah Roma!! I so need to go back for a visit. We rented an apartment the last time we were there. We always try to rent in a city it makes it more fun.