Friday, June 14, 2013

Monterosso Al Mare

Monday we tried a simple walk through the old town of Monterosso, (1000 A.D.) which is separated from the newer, more recent (1900 A.D.) resort town by a tunnel through the mountain. We wound our way through narrow streets, many of which were staircases up the mountain. We climbed hundreds of stairs on one narrow street until we were out of the town and in the “country.” 

Steps in Monterosso

I loved seeing the vineyards with adjacent lemon and olive groves all neatly lined on narrow terraces. 

Terraces in Monterosso

Our destination was an old Capuchin monastery with an ancient church and cemetery. Here's a short video of the inside of the chapel.

On our way down we were rewarded with a wine tasting. We actually stumbled upon a small vineyard that made wine from its own grapes and shipped caseloads all over the world!! It was a beautiful spot with a small auberge and outdoor dining area.

Wine Tasting in Monterosso

A glass of their blended organic white was 6.00 euros and it included a plate of tasty savouries. The owner was such a great salesperson and the spot was so gorgeous that we bought a bottle of their wine, which was almost twice the price, we would have paid for the other plonk!  However, we did not buy a case to be shipped home! I’m not sure how people found this little treasure, unless they read specialty wine magazines, where the vineyard takes out impressive full page ads. There was no mention of them in any of the tourist guides.

One of the Beaches in Monterosso

We got back to the flat about lunchtime, as the kids were just getting up! I made lunch with rolls from the local bakery. The kids went to the beach and we headed out for another walk. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, not too hot, about 21C, with a lovely breeze.

Another walk tomorrow.


  1. What a great adventure, I enjoy visits to wineries where you can set and sample, and like you, I often buy a bottle to enjoy later. I am enjoying your pictures very much

  2. Sounds like another wonderful day! It's wonderful that you can be with your kids, yet do things separately depending on each others interests.

  3. What fun. I can't imagine stumbling on a vinyard and getting a sampling. How cool is that?

  4. I am beyond envious. Of all your locations so far this is the dreamiest. I think because it feels very un-touristy. And I love the unexpected aspects of your discoveries. And a tunnel. And.... oh my!

  5. You are so lucky! I could do with a wine testing session right now...Instead, I am slaving away. Something must be wrong with me!!!

  6. Sounds like an amazing place to visit. I love history. In all my travels, including in the Navy, I never got to Europe. Plan to go as soon as possible. There is just so much to see.