Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lighten up!!!!

I decided I needed to perk things up a little and since my daughter had mentioned a website "Glowcity" (I actually mistakenly called it "Glowworld" in my last post.) I decided to pop over and see what they had that was enlightening!!

1. They had lots of regulation "glow in the dark" sports balls for most of the common sports - basketball, soccer, football & mini football, a light up ping pong table and an illuminated basketball hoop. There is even a kit to light up your bike and your running shoes. I can see the phantom athletes emerging!!

2. There was another whole section on masks. They had the cutest faces. I could envision groups of people walking around at night wearing these. You would definitely attract a following - maybe an instant party!!

The beach at night

3. Add to the masks black suits with illuminated outlines that make you look like a stick figure and you have the complete outfit. Clearly for the "light" hearted.

4. Other accessories include illuminated glasses, gloves, cups, bean bags (bean bags?) and roses.

5. There were even light up T-Shirts.

This sounds like so much fun!!  Maybe I need to get an outfit or just some glasses for Nuit Blanche this October

I also think that we need illuminated umbrellas for when it rains at night or for all those who would like to go "moon bathing." Obviously the party starts when the sun goes down!!

Have a brilliant day!!

PS I'm behind 5 posts in my blog a day challenge for 2013, mainly because I didn't have wifi for a good deal of the time on holidays, so I am posting twice today. Now I'm just behind 4 posts!!

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